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We offer a wide variety of custom guitars that are so BAD ASS! Some of the biggest names around the world play them.


Bad Boy Guitars®

Our Rock N' Roll Story

In today's world, most luthiers are using C.N.C. Machines to build their product and mass produce cookie cutter guitars.  Many send their guitars out to have the finish work done by other finishers as this is an art in itself.  Perry is among the few luthiers and guitar companies who truly hand builds each and every guitar doing all his own finish work.  His expertise continues to grow with each completed guitar and his desire to be one of the best in the industry drives him onward!



Raving Reviews

Perry Fretz's excellent craftsmanship! - Anne

When getting the perfect guitar that fits everything about you and you're playing style, there is no other place to go but; BAD BOY Guitars! - Richard

The craftsmanship that goes into each guitar and bass are second to none! - Marci

Quality workmanship, rad guitars! - Mike

Love these guitars and the people behind them. Guitars that sound excellent, look excellent and stay that way! - Dale

Bad Boy Guitars make the most beautiful, perfect sound I have ever heard. They are a work of art to look at. I would love to have any one of them. - Darlene

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Bad Ass Videos

Fretz Undressed

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A Very Special Bad Boy Guitar®

We painted this Bad Boy® Sim Boy Guitar in White with the Phoenix Children's Hospital Logo on it. Children at the PCH came up with this idea and used their own hands as artwork on this guitar. Perry did his magic with his finish work and the result is this truly moving, guitar built with love. How beautiful and special is this?